Water is an essential “weapon” to keep up with various political, economic and human rights issues. The Arab region is not exempt from the challenges of water scarcity, or conflict over rivers and water sources, or mismanagement of resources, or droughts exacerbated by climate change, or problems of deprivation and pollution. The first case looks at the polarity between investing in water-consuming golf courses as well as other misaligned developments in Egypt, where big companies play a pivotal role in promoting investment in “modernization” policies at the expense of solving the current challenges of water scarcity and security. The second case study brings us to the marshes located in southern Iraq, which have become vulnerable to severe economic and environmental changes brought on by the Gulf wars and the general drought of fertile areas. The final cse study brings us back to Lebanon, and rallies held against the Bisri dam by the Lebanese people, resulting in an environmental victory.