The Regional Campaign Strategist (Urban Lifestyles and Mindsets) serves as the Team Leader for Greenpeace Southeast Asia’s Lifestyles, Mindsets and Cities team, overseeing and spearheading the strategic development, planning and implementation of the Lifestyles, Mindsets and Cities campaign in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries. The person also serves as an expert for Urban Lifestyles and Mindsets and related issues in the region.

This is a fixed-term position for 1 year based in either Bangkok, Jakarta, Malaysia or Manila working on cities, lifestyles and mindset issues, as well as working in countries within or outside the Southeast Asia region as required.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • In conjunction with the Strategy and Analysis Director and Country Directors, develop GPSEA Urban Lifestyles and Mindsets strategy in line with country and regional Theory of Change (TOC), long term goals and objectives taking into account priorities of the global programme.
  • The Regional Campaign Strategist (Urban Lifestyles and Mindsets) will take a strategic and, in some cases, leadership role in the campaign team to implement the regional work program agreed among GPSEA country teams, Greenpeace International (GPI) and other Greenpeace national/regional offices (NROs) in support of the Urban Lifestyles and Mindsets priorities and strategies, in alignment with GPSEA TOC
  • Participate in campaign discussion and planning regarding strategic issues and key tactics within GPSEA, with NROs and with GPI. This will include both written and verbal discussions as well as attendance at specific meetings.
  • Participate in regular progress reviews and evaluations of Urban Lifestyles and Mindsets campaign projects.
  • Keep Strategy and Analysis Director informed of activities in the campaign (including preparation of reports and work plans) and recommend changes in tactics and strategies if necessary.
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Skills and Experience Required

  • Level of Education: Bachelor Degree on Arts or Science degree, or equivalent experience working on Urban Lifestyles and Mindsets issues.
  • At least 8 years of campaigning experience in the Southeast Asia region, or 3 years in a managerial position.
  • Leadership, management and communication abilities, commensurate with the need to lead & manage cross functional, cross cultural and multilingual teams through the planning and implementation processes. This is to include demonstrated commitment to consultation processes and team delegation.
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Application Guidelines

Interested candidates are invited to (1) write Letter of Introduction, explaining why you are qualified for the position and why you want to work for Greenpeace, (2) fill out the attached Application form and email to [email protected]

Deadline for Applications:  15 September 2022