Greenpeace Southeast Asia is currently looking for a Regional Security Manager

Position Summary

Taking risks, innovation and stretching the space of what is possible is integral to the way Greenpeace operates. In this role you are responsible for enabling Greenpeace and its staff to safely deliver cutting edge operations and campaigning in the challenging Southeast Asian context. As the Security Manager you are the lead expert on organisational security matters and will provide strategic advice and support to the entire organisation in order to promote smart risk taking. You foster the conversation about Security to ensure it is an integrated component of all our operations, you enhance the safety and security of our people and protect the integrity and reputation of Greenpeace Southeast Asia (GPSEA).

The focus of your role is to strengthen GPSEA Security Systems and to establish a Security Culture, that allow our Programme to take bolder steps to increase impact of our projects, while maintaining a high level of safety for the organisation and our people. You lead and facilitate the development of Security & Safety related policies and protocols and oversee the establishment of fit-for-purpose Security systems, including the design, roll-out, monitoring and needed trainings, in line with established Greenpeace Best Practices and protocols.

To ensure Greenpeace grows its organisational resilience, you will oversee, maintain and improve our Critical Incident Management Systems, ensure Security integration into our organisational systems such as HR, IT and Programme as well as provide a regular context analysis of our operating environment.

This role requires you to develop your unit and the GPSEA Security community of practice to deliver operationally across projects in the region. While you are the focal point on all Security related matters, you have to closely coordinate and collaborate on security issues with various stakeholders across the organisation, HR, Programme, FR etc.                                           

Non-nationals/citizens and those with no legal right to live and work in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines may only be considered for employment in Malaysia and Indonesia office only; pending work permit approval. Non-nationals will not be considered for employment in Thailand and the Philippines.                                                

This is a full-time position based in Southeast Asia.

Key Duties

Security Culture & Management

  • Create an enabling Security Culture, that continues to push boundaries, through regular staff updates, familiarization, training and integration.
  • Policy and protocol development as related to safety, security, risk management and Duty of Care (employer responsibility), including Standard Operating Procedures
  • Close consultation with campaigns, actions and logistics, communications, fundraising and management staff on Smart Risk taking in projects
  • Advice and support project risk assessments, security and duty of care plans
  • Production, review and updating of all office and project standard operating procedures (SOPs);
  • Oversight of incident reporting processes  across the organization,
  • Closely collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure Security integration into organisational processes and the GPSEA project model, from HR to Programmes

Security Systems & Capacity

  • Design and oversee a fit-for-purpose GPSEA Security System with approval processes
  • Oversee and ensure the implementation of Security systems through monitoring, project integration and trainings
  • Arranging delivery of periodic and as-required security training;
  • Assist in the Sign off and approval on campaign & communications materials, tactics and strategies that may influence security risk levels;
  • Oversee and facilitate the regional security practitioners and build capacity to meet the needs of the organization
  • Maintain and further improve the travel security & monitoring system

Organisational Security & Resilience

  • Oversee, maintain and improve our Critical Incident Management Systems including a 24/7 hotline
  • Closely collaborate with HR and Public Engagement and Actions to ensure GP Duty of Care Best Practices are in place for staff, contractors and volunteers and activists
  • Support and advice on the resolution of critical incident situations locally and regionally (on call)
  • Liaise with Human Resources and Legal to ensure Greenpeace compliance with national legislations in Security, Health and Safety matters.
  • Coordinate Security and Safety induction process for new joiners across GPSEA with HR.
  • Liaison with GPI and other NROs on security management to ensure consistent best-practice across our global organization ;
  • Advise on and ensure Site Security at our Greenpeace locations, in coordination with Administration
  • Provide strategic advice on enhancing acceptance and resilience as civil society actor, including the liaison with other NGOs.
  • Provide up to date context political, societal context analysis for our operating countries.
  • Facilitate and strengthen our legal support systems to ease smart risk taking, in line with GP Best Practices.

Administration & Unit Leadership

  • Manage the regional Security team adequately and ensure appropriate team capacity deployment to projects
  • Manage security external contractors, including office security, specific project security and trainers;
  • Responsibly manage the security budget and maintain secure filing system
  • Overall budgetary responsibility and management of the finances for the Regional Security Unit


  • Other duties as directed by line manager

Educational Background & Fundamental Qualifications

Level of Education: At least a Bachelor’s degree

Field of Study: Any management field, security management background preferred

Work Experience:          

●          At least 3 years working in a non-profit, campaigning organisation

●          At least 3 years of supervisory/management experience

●          At least five years experience delivering security management plans and risk analyses including: physical security management; crisis; occupational health and safety; field security; and travel;

Training or Certificate:          

●          Proven professional training in security management or a related field, or comparable work experience/certification

Competencies and Skills

Organizational Competencies Professionalism:  Knowledge and/or experience in managing conduct and emotions in a way that represents the values and realizes the objectives of the organization

Teamwork and Communication:  Knowledge and/or experience in working with others and presenting information, ideas and positions in a clear manner that can easily be understood across diverse and multi-culture audiences.

Quality:  Knowledge and/or experience in meeting and surpassing requirements by setting high standards for the conditions of outputs.

Innovation and Change:  Knowledge and/or experience in reflecting creative and imaginative thinking, an openness to new ideas, and an ability to take calculated risks in order to meet organizational objectives.

Leadership: Knowledge and/or experience in guiding and directing the efforts of others by presenting a clear vision, delegating responsibilities and providing constant support and feedback.

Strategic Thinking and Global Mindset:  Knowledge and/or experience in addressing organizational objectives by developing calculated approaches that integrate an openness to an awareness of diversity across cultures.


  • Knowledge and/or understanding of security and cultural issues in GPSEA operating countries
  • Knowledge and/or experience in training, mentoring and developing staff on security issues
  • Knowledge and/or experience in crisis management
  • Knowledge and/or experience in developing and managing security and safety risk assessment
  • Demonstrable understanding of security & risk management appropriate to the values and practices of Greenpeace
  • Knowledge and/or experience in conducting security incident investigation and reporting
  • Knowledge and/or experience in training general security concepts
  • Strong skills in written and spoken English (required) and another regional language (desired)
  • Knowledge and/or experience in basic IT security management
  • Knowledge and/or experience in planning, facilitating and conducting meetings or workshops
  • Knowledge and/or experience in delegating responsibilities to others while maintaining accountability
  • Knowledge and/or experience in communicating and sharing knowledge across departments or functions
  • Knowledge in planning, facilitating and conducting meetings and workshops
  • Knowledge in developing training programs and team building
  • Knowledge and/or experience in time management and administration
  • Knowledge and/or experience in strategic alignment and linking the direction of units/projects to organizational objectives
  • Knowledge and/or experience in budgeting and forecasting


Interested candidates are invited to write Letter of Introduction, explaining why you are qualified for the position and why you want to work for Greenpeace, fill-up the attached application form

and email to:

Deadline for Applications:  November 25, 2019

As we receive a large number of applicants for our advertised vacancies, we are unable to respond to those applicants who have not been shortlisted and we apologize for this in advance.  If you do not hear from us within two weeks of the closing date, please assume that you have not been shortlisted.


  1. Read the recruitment pack carefully before completing your application form.  The recruitment pack contains information about Greenpeace, about the job you are applying for, and brief information on employment conditions.
  2. Complete all items in the application form. Remember that this will be our basis for shortlisting candidates. Curriculum Vitae (CVs) will not be accepted.
  3. Make sure you email the form to the correct email address (, addressed to the HR Department, and ensure that your application form arrives before the closing date.  Application forms received after the closing date will not be accepted.
  4. If you have questions, kindly email

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your application letter and completed application form.