Shopping Clean: Retailers and Renewable Energy

- An update November 2016

Publication - October 26, 2016
South Africa’s retail sector plays an important role in society and has developed over time to meet the changing needs of the country. As such, this update of the report released by Greenpeace Africa in April 2016 titled “Shopping Clean – Retailers and Renewable Energy”1 highlights the important role that South Africa’s top five retailers (Shoprite, Massmart, Pick n Pay, Spar and Woolworths) should play in developing the renewable energy industry, by committing to a target of powering their operations with 100% renewable energy, and becoming Renewable Energy Champions.

This update details the current state of renewable energy investments and commitments from each of the five retailers and provides information as to how they can achieve a 100% renewable energy target in the future. The retailers have been ranked on four key criteria relating to renewable energy, which clearly indicates where they need to improve in the future. These are: energy transparency, commitment to renewable energy, greenhouse gas mitigation, and lobbying for clean energy. 

Download the report here.