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Alberta’s tar sands represent the largest industrial and energy project in the world. The tar sands are causing unprecedented environmental damage in Canada. We need your help to stop this climate crime.

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Thousands of Canadians have already spoken out against the Enbridge "NorthernGateway" tar sands pipeline. In the months to come we will ask youto stand with us to confront this toxic pipeline. We hope you’llanswer the call. Together,we can stop these tar sands pipelines. Sign up here, so we can gather your voices, update you on our campaign, and confirm your support.

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The Harper government is actively supporting the construction of a new pipeline to take tar sands bitumen from Alberta to the BC coast and load it onto supertankers destined for Asia. 

Producing an extra 525,000 barrels per day to fill the new pipeline will require massive expansion in the tar sands, further fuelling climate change and the devastation of water, land and air in northern Alberta. We need your help to stop this climate crime.

Write to Joe Oliver, federal Minister of Natural Resources, to voice your opposition to the proposed Enbridge pipeline.

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The impacts of the tar sands are felt worldwide. We want to hear from you about how the tar sands are impacting your world. From rising sea levels to rising housing prices — .


Greenpeace engages in ongoing actions to stop the tar sands. If you want to be a part of this growing movement, join our team of volunteers. Find out how here.

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