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#Climate #Food #Forests #Health #Indigenous Doug Ford: end the “rain of death”

Email Doug Ford to end glyphosate spraying. Protect the environment, Indigenous rights, and the health of Ontarians.

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#Climate #Forests #Indigenous Defend Old-Growth Forests

One of Canada’s natural treasures could disappear in 5 to 10 years if we don’t act now. Tell B.C.’s Premier…

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#Climate #Consumption #Food #Forests #Indigenous Help defend the Amazon

Fires are threatening the largest rainforest on Earth, clearing land for cattle to feed the international demand for cheap beef.…

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#Climate #Consumption #Food #Forests #Indigenous Stop Palm Oil Deforestation

Tell the Federal government to halt the trade deal with Indonesia and shut the door to dirty palm oil.

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#Climate #EnergySolutions #Oil Build Back Fossil Free

Take action with Greenpeace Canada now! Tell Justin Trudeau we can’t “build back better” unless we Build Back Fossil Free.

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#Consumption #Oceans #Plastic Break Free From Plastic

Coca-Cola, Nestlé and PepsiCo are the world champions of plastic pollution. And it’s time for a change. Tell these brands…

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#Climate #Consumption #Health How to recover from the coronavirus pandemic

How Canada recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic can be a new beginning.

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#Consumption #Oceans #Plastic Tell the federal government Reduce and Reuse are key for Canada’s zero plastic waste strategy

The Trudeau government has said it will ban single-use plastics by 2021. We need a strong ban that covers all…

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#Climate #Oceans Protect the Oceans

The seas provide half of our oxygen, food for a billion people, and a home for some of the most…

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#Climate #EnergySolutions #Oil Tell big polluters to pay up

Flash flooding, raging wildfires, deadly heat waves: weather disasters like this are hurting people across Canada and will only get…

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30X30: How to protect 30% of the oceans by 2030

June 2019

The report 30 × 30: Roadmap for Oceans Protection is the culmination of a year of collaboration between scientists from Greenpeace as well as York and Oxford universities [1]. To…

Greenpeace recommendations on Ontario’s proposed Cap and Trade Cancellation Act

October 2018

Greenpeace Canada submission to the Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights consultation on Bill 4: The Cap and Trade Cancellation Act Summary The recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate…

Final countdown: now or never to reform the palm oil industry

September 2018

The “Final Countdown” report documents extensive deforestation and human rights abuses by 25 palm oil producer groups. Between them, they have destroyed over 130,000ha of rainforest since the end of…

Greenpeace and Democracy Watch request for an investigation of CAPP advertising campaign

August 2018

This is a formal request from Greenpeace Canada and Democracy Watch to Ontario’s Chief Electoral Officer into whether an ad campaign by a front group for the Canadian Association of…

The Impacts of Logging in the Great Northern Forest

July 2018

The Great Northern Forest is the evergreen crown of the planet, the boreal forest landscape that rings the subarctic and representing nearly one-third of the forest left on Earth. This…

Legal Documents on Resolute lawsuit

June 2018

All legal documents concerning Resolute’s lawsuit against Greenpeace

Investor beware: Kinder Morgan Canada’s climate risk

April 2018

Kinder Morgan Canada Limited (KML) has disclosed that it is exposed to physical and transition risks related to climate change that could block the construction of the Trans Mountain Expansion…

License to krill

March 2018

Greenpeace investigations reveal how krill-fishing companies are expanding operations in the fragile Antarctic ocean, putting an entire food web at risk.

In the Pipeline: Risks for Funders of Tar Sands Pipelines

October 2017

This report is written for banks, their institutional shareholders, and for those financial institutions considering financing or arranging finance – through the purchase or underwriting of corporate bonds or shares…

Canadian Securities Administrators’ risk disclosure review: Greenpeace Canada’s submission

July 2017

Greenpeace Canada submits that, as the risks of climate change are material to the market price or value of securities, disclosure of climate risks should be mandatory.

Clearcutting Free Speech

May 2017

Canada’s boreal forest is one of the last large expanses of undisturbed natural forest in the world. For years, Greenpeace has been speaking up and raising awareness about the controversial…

The case against Coca-Cola: How the world’s biggest soft drinks company is failing to address ocean plastic pollution

April 2017

As the world’s biggest soft drinks company, Coca-Cola bears a particular responsibility for the plastic crisis our oceans are facing.

TransCanada vastly exaggerating Energy East’s ability to reduce overseas oil imports

October 2014

By repeating false information, TransCanada is misleading Canadians and investors in a desperate attempt to justify its Energy East pipeline and tanker proposal.

Deep Seabed Mining: An urgent wake-up call to protect our oceans

July 2013

The deep sea is a place of myth and mystery, filled with weird and wonderful life forms, and vital to the survival of our planet.

The Rainbow Spill: A Case of Crime and (No) Punishment

April 2013

The 2011 Rainbow pipeline spill near the Lubicon Cree community of Little Buffalo was one of the largest in Alberta’s history.

Lifting the lid on the major canned tuna brands in Canada: Ranking the sustainability and equitability of tuna sourcing

February 2011

Greenpeace’s report, Lifting the lid on the major canned tuna brands in Canada: Ranking the sustainability and equitability of tuna sourcing, reveals that most canned tuna lining supermarket shelves comes…

Building a Green Economy in the Boreal Forest

November 2010

“Building a Green Economy in the Boreal Forest,” lays out a vision for the development of the Boreal Forest to build new, stable, viable economies that communities can count on…

Greenpeace’s Vision for a New Conservation Based Forest Economy in Canada’s Boreal Forest

June 2009

Greenpeace’s Vision for a New Conservation Based Forest Economy in Canada’s Boreal Forest is an innovative look at how forest communities, industry and environmental groups can work together to protect…

The Ecosystem Approach – protecting marine life in all its forms

May 2008

The world’s oceans, once thought to contain inexhaustible resources, are under increasing threat.

Turning Up the Heat: Global Warming and the Degradation of Canada’s Boreal Forest

April 2008

Canada’s Boreal Forest is dense with life. Richly populated with plants, birds, animals, and trees; home to hundreds of communities; and a wellspring of fresh water and oxygen, the Boreal…

Challenging the aquaculture industry on sustainability

January 2008

The global aquaculture, or fish farming, industry is not a solution to overfishing and must dramatically change in order to become sustainable, according to a report from the Greenpeace Research…