Pipeline Construction Materials in Canada

Transform Energy

We not only challenge fossil fuel producers and polluters but actively support renewable energy solutions.

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Tiny House Warriors in Canada Install Solar Panels

Renewable energy is cheap, sustainable, and already making our planet more green and peaceful. Join the Energy Revolution.

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Forest West of Stor-Gravberget in Sweden

Protect Nature

A healthy environment is essential to a green and peaceful world. We work to protect nature in all its biodiversity.

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Barren-ground Caribou

Forests stabilize the climate, sustain life, provide jobs, and are the source of culture for many Indigenous communities. But they are under threat.

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Ecological Farm in Slovakia

Live Sustainably

We want to change habits of unsustainable consumption and production to live within our planetary boundaries.

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Defending Our Oceans Tour - Hawaii Trash (Hawaii: 2006)

Buy. Use. Throw away. Buy more. Fast food, fast fashion, single-use plastic and disposable electronics are trashing our planet. Let’s buy less, live more.

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