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#Climate #EnergySolutions #Oil No to GNL Québec

GNL Québec is proposing to build a 750-km-long gas pipeline by the company Gazoduq, a gas liquefaction plant by the…

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#Climate #Consumption #Health How to recover from the coronavirus pandemic

How Canada recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic can be a new beginning.

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#Food Staying food secure during the COVID-19 crisis

58% of the food produced in Canada is wasted every year. Meanwhile, food insecurity is set to double. You can…

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#Consumption #Oceans #Plastic Support a strong single-use plastic ban!

The Trudeau government has said it will ban single-use plastics by 2021. We need a strong ban that covers all…

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#EnergySolutions #Health #Oil COVID-19: People before profits

With the pandemic, we have a unique opportunity to build a greener world.

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Add your name to bailout workers, not the oil industry and their CEOs.

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#Food Take the 2020 #GoodFoodChallenge

We can push our cities to take a big bite out of climate-related greenhouse gas emissions by transforming the way…

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#Consumption #Plastic Join the #ReuseRevolution

In response to the global plastic crisis, the Reuse Revolution is creating hope and proposing real solutions to the mess…

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#Consumption #Plastic Top 5 Plastic Polluters 2019

This year Greenpeace Canada partnered up with organizations and volunteer local groups across the country who led cleanups with brand…

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#Climate #Oceans Protect the Oceans

The seas provide half of our oxygen, food for a billion people, and a home for some of the most…

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#Consumption #Oceans #Plastic Help create plastic-free supermarkets

So much of the plastic packaging and waste we generate we get from our weekly visits to supermarkets. Canada’s major…

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#Climate #EnergySolutions #Oil Tell big polluters to pay up

Flash flooding, raging wildfires, deadly heat waves: weather disasters like this are hurting people across Canada and will only get…

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