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We act with hope and determination. We take on the impossible. We are everyday people connected around the world, embarking on a billion acts of courage. Join us today.

#Oceans #Oil

Protect the Orcas

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#Consumption #Forests

Tell big companies to drop dirty palm oil

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#Climate #Oil

Doug Ford: Listen to the People, not the Polluters!

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#Climate #Indigenous #Oil

Join the wave of resistance against oil pipelines

Pipelines are expensive to build and require billions of dollars in funding from banks. Some banks are already backing away…

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#Consumption #Oceans #Plastic

Break Free From Plastic

We are calling on people around the world to create a “Million Acts of Blue” — actions to push retailers,…

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#Climate #Indigenous #Oil

Say No to the Pipeline Bailout

The Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is a proposal to build a new 1,150 km pipeline between Alberta and the BC…

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Protect the Woodland Boreal Caribou

After 5 years of delaying, provinces and territories have failed to follow through with measures to protect the boreal woodland…

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#Climate #Oceans

Protect the Antarctic

In 2018 we have the opportunity to create the largest protected area on Earth: an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary. It would…

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#Arctic #Climate #Oceans

Save the Arctic

For millennia people lived in the Arctic alongside some of the most elusive and incredible animals, in some of the…

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Everyone has the power to win campaigns and to create a more just, fair and sustainable world. There are lots of ways to take action. If you want to make change, here is a good place to start...