Take it Taller for the Great Bear Rainforest

Only 50 per cent of the old growth in the Great Bear Rainforest is off limits to logging. Based on science, the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements committed the governments of British Columbia and regional First Nations, and logging companies to conserve 70 per cent of the old growth ecosystems in the forest. The deadline to reach this goal is 2014. Take action and ask the government of BC to Take it Taller.

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Spread the word about the success story we are building in the Great Bear Rainforest. Help us get the word out about the amazing and inspiring solution we have before us. Visit and share the Great Bear Rainforest Solution in the Making through Facebook,Twitter and other social media outlets.

Keep the B.C. coast oil-free

The Canadian government is considering a proposal from Enbridge to build twin 1,170-kilometre pipelines from Alberta’s tar sands to Kitimat in the Great Bear Rainforest, bringing more than 200 crude oil tankers annually to the region through some of the most treacherous shipping lanes. Another company, Kinder Morgan, has a long-term plan to bring over 200 crude oil tankers annually to the southern West Coast near Vancouver. Today, the company already brings two tar sands oil tankers through B.C. waters.

Send Prime Minister Stephen Harper an email urging him to legally ban oil tanker traffic from Canada’s West Coast.

Support the right to express opinions without fear of lawsuits

If you represent a group/organization who believes we have the right to publicly participate and express opinions on issues of public interest, including the future of Canada’s forests, without fear of lawsuits, please sign on at www.greenpeace.ca/antislapp. A coalition of over 130 groups is calling on the Ontario legislature for strong legislation to prevent Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs) from being used to limit freedom of expression and public participation. SLAPPs are lawsuits, often for defamation, which are silencing individuals and citizen groups, burdening them with massive legal fees, draining resources and distracting them from important matters of public interest.

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Look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo

Look for the FSC logo on wood and paper products. FSC-certified products come from socially and environmentally responsible forest management. FSC-certified products include everything from toilet paper, to lumber, to furniture and copy paper. If you cannot find FSC-certified products, ask your retailer to stock them. Click here to learn more about the FSC.

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