12 January, Johannesburg – Today, NERSA approved Eskom’s application to increase its tariffs by 18% for 2023/2024. In response, Greenpeace Africa Climate and Energy Campaigner, Nhlanhla Sibisi said: 

“South Africans have been feeling the rising cost of living for some time, and now, more South Africans will be forced to make trade-offs between their food security and energy needs. This tariff increase, which is almost three times the inflation rate, will seriously and negatively impact South Africans.

“What’s more, it is unthinkable that South Africans are expected to incur a greater cost while receiving less electricity, considering we are in the longest extended period of load shedding in the history of the electricity crisis. 
“A just transition to renewable energy is the best and most immediate solution to South Africa’s energy crisis. It is cheap, quick to bring online, can help solve the youth unemployment crisis, has none of the toxic health impacts of dirty coal, and won’t force South Africans to pay for Eskom’s history of corruption and mismanagement,” ended Sibisi.


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