After driving two hundred kilometers in a car with no air-con and hardly any fresh air, I finally found my way around a rather confusing harbor till I saw that familiar bright green color that we all know brands Greenpeace’s boats. Despite the grasps of age, the Esperanza still bobs happily in the water looking ever so proud.

Being on the boat for just a few hours was an incredible experience for me, one I’d happily relive, because for the first time I could see and talk to those people who stand tall on the highest buildings or float in the ocean branded with words of wisdom.  Although, going on board the Esperanza has taught me that it is not just the people we see in the photographs that are incredible it is also the people that are covered in engine grease, those sprayed with sea salt and spending long hours behind a computer screen that help put together all the little pieces of our breaking planet. It has taught me that superheroes do not fly and do no not wear capes but rather wear worn-out shirts of successful environmental campaigns from long ago.  

The world is so full of different mediums that broadcast the urgency of different causes. Whether it is the tempest of social media platforms or the ever advancing technological grip we have on our planet, all of which can try and bring about change, it is all useless without the raw selfless want for a better tomorrow, of which Greenpeace has plenty.  

Although right now there are many instances where the world is not looking all too good, from both an environmental and humanitarian point, change will always come as long as we do more than just dream… we fight to pursue it.    


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