This very smart 4 year old inspired me to think differently of fulfilling the sometimes scary “new year’s resolutions”. With a new year, most of us feel inspired and empowered to change, stop and/or start new habits, what if we did this differently? What if we set new goals and then came up with sub-goals to support and help achieve these goals?

With that in mind, let’s start a New Year’s Revolution!

Goal 1: I will eat good food
First of all, what is good food? Greenpeace believes that food that is grown locally, and without chemicals is good food – this is ecologically grown food. So with a goal like eating good food, the sub-goals can be:

  1. I’ll buy locally produced food from a local market as much as possible; 
  2. I’ll start growing seasonal vegetables; 
  3. I’ll go meat-free on Mondays and reduce my fish consumption.

Locals eating ecological food in Kenya

Goal 2: I will lower my travel carbon emissions
Air travel and shipping together account for about 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, while 80% of lung diseases are caused due to pollution from other cars, buses, trucks and other vehicles. With that in mind, this is how you can lessen your travel carbon emissions:

  1. I will start a lift club. 
  2. I will travel to work with the staff transport.
  3. I will dump my car twice a week and take the bus or ride my bike to work.

cycle to work

Goal 3: I will green my house
Sometimes the simplest and most affordable way to cut down carbon emissions is to start at home. Home is an extension of you, so it’s also a great place to start:

  1. I will replace all the lights in my home with LED lights.
  2. I will turn my waste into compost or fertiliser for the yard.
  3. I will use green household cleaning products.

food waste into compost

Goal 4: I will shop for earth-friendly products
Making a shopping list helps to make shopping easier and quicker, but add to that goods that are not harmful to our planet.

  1. I’m going to start using reusable shopping bags.
  2. I will find alternatives for palm oil products and those that have microbeads.
  3. I’m going to start using biodegradable waste bags and toilet tissue.

reusable bag

Picture courtesy of: Recycle Nation

Goal 5: I will help to conserve water
To be water conscious is to conserve water, and this demands action from each of us for current and future water needs. As we all know by now, plastics are a huge problem in our water, and did you know that every plastic ever made still exists? Most of which ends up in our water (like microbeads), to minimise the amount of plastic you use would make a huge difference, here’s more.

  1. I will use my washing machine only for full loads.
  2. I will check for leaks in and around my home and fix them when need be.
  3. I will use water saving gadgets in my home, like a water saving showerhead.


The Great Water Grab explains how the coal industry is deepening the global water crisis.

Goal 6: I want to make time for a healthy planet
Join thousands of activists all over the world to end injustices by giving your time to a cause close to your heart. If you want to shoot straight at the source of the problem, then help us lobby governments all over the world:

  1. Work for Greenpeace Africa
  2. Become a donating member
  3. Join a local volunteer team or even 
  4. Start and win your own campaigns.

enviro walk

It really takes one small change at a time, that will make up to a much bigger action. And don’t be discouraged, there are 353 days left to turn a good and healthy relationship with our planet into a habit! 


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