Nairobi, 19th September 2018 – Reacting to the news that 80% of single use plastic carrier bags are still in circulation in most parts of the country despite being outlawed a year ago, Greenpeace Africa’s Campaigner Amos Wemanya has said:

“The government of Kenya through the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) needs to improve its policing activities both within and across borders to nab the illegal suppliers of banned single-use plastic carrier bags.

“Most of the plastic bags are imported into the country from Uganda and other neighbouring countries through porous border points and are supplied to various markets by organised cartels. The East African legislative members need to push for regional implementation of the single-use plastic carrier bags ban to achieve the benefits of the ban in Kenya and across East Africa.

“There is also the need for improved public awareness activities to sensitise the consumers and the general public of the negative impacts of plastic pollution on our health, marine life and our environment in general including water bodies.

Greenpeace Africa calls on the government of Kenya to provide subsidies and tax rebates to manufacturers of alternatives to plastics. This will make alternatives more affordable, stimulate more production thus influencing the accessibility for small scale retailers and consumers”

Media Contact:

Hellen Dena, Communication Officer, + 254 717 104 144