We literally have the power to change the world. When we tell our families and friends why ecological farming makes sense, we start to heal our bodies and the planet. We can make smarter food choices when we shop, cook or go out to eat.

When we work together, we can take small actions now that have a huge impact so we can end the broken food system once and for all. It’s time to reconnect with food and the people who grow it. Once we do that, it creates ripples that eventually grow into shockwaves that will change our industrial ag system. It all starts with us.

We’ve compiled 10 things you can do now that will immediately begin healing our food system. Put these action items in a place that you can easily remember for easy reference. Share what you’ve learned on Facebook or Twitter. And sign up for our food related action alerts to Greenpeace can alert you when it’s time to work together on a major campaign.

Food For Life

Create A Mass Market For Healthy Food

  1. Pledge to buy sustainable or organic fresh produce whenever possible.
  2. Calculate how many “food miles” your produce took before you buy
  3. Buy from local farms or farmers markets whenever possible.

Avoid processed foods

  1. Begin eliminating processed foods from your diet, which harm your health and the environment.
  2. Make fresh fruits and vegetables a bigger part of your diet.
  3. Grow your own food by starting a small garden or joining a local food cooperative.

Pressure Big Food

  1. Start a local petition asking your local grocer stock and promote food from eco-farms.
  2. Start a local petition pressuring your local school board or county to provide eco-food choices for children.
  3. Start a local petition to shut down a proposed “factory farm.”

Reduce Meals With Meat

  1. Commit to reducing your meat and dairy consumption by a few meals per week and tell five friends about your choice to find alternative proteins.

Make Climate Activists Food Activists

  1. Make sure your friends in the climate change movement understand the role that industrial agriculture plays in warming the planet.

Educate Your Community

  1. Lobby your child’s school to include more ecological food choices in the daily lunch menu.

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