The problem

Approving a massive new oil sands mine to operate until 2067 would be a complete contradiction of Canada commitment to zero-out greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. There isn’t any space for new oil and gas projects within a carbon budget that keeps warming below 1.5 degrees.

Teck Frontier would also fuel ecological collapse by irreversibly damaging old-growth boreal forest and wetland habitat for endangered species, including the last remaining free-roaming buffalo herd and the critically endangered Whooping Crane.

And it’s not just risky for our environment. Major banks and pension funds are pulling their money out of oil expansion because they see that the future is in renewable energy.

The solution

We need the Prime Minister to work with other parties to implement a climate emergency response plan that acts at the speed and at a scale equal to the crisis. A plan that:

  • Is aligned with the best available science, so will eliminate all carbon emissions before 2050 to avoid the worst effects of climate change.
  • Has targets for 2025 and 2030 consistent with getting there, and independent reporting on whether we are on track.
  • Ensures everyone in my community has a good job, because the big changes we need to make to solve the climate crisis can also address its twin scourge of growing inequality.
  • Takes back the power and stop letting Big Oil companies influence government decisions. Your policies must be for the people, not the millionaires. This begins with an end to subsidies to fossil fuels and the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure, including the cancellation of the Transmountain expansion pipeline.
  • Stops putting extractive industries interests before Indigenous rights. He should implement free, prior and informed consent for all indigenous communities coast to coast to coast.

What you can do

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