Our workshops aim to help you design campaigns that are more effective at changing people’s mindsets and behaviours. We do this by sharing what we’ve learnt about how to better understand our audience’s unconscious and emotional states and how you can practically apply that knowledge, what tools can help us to deepen our audience engagement, and how we can measure the impact we have on them.



A workshop where we share the most useful interventions found in our cognitive science research (you can find a summary of them here) for improving the impact of your engagement, fundraising and campaign projects. We also help you determine the practical ways to apply these interventions to your project.


This workshop is similar to the campaign accelerator but integrates our cognitive science toolbox. It has been developed in cooperation with Global Engagement Department and the good life campaign, but it is applicable for all baskets. 

These above workshops are designed as 2-3 day face to face meetings. But we have now started to work on an online workshop format, which will be designed as a 2-week course.

The workshops are a series of exercises, experiences and reflection sessions with a minimum of lecturing content. When we give these workshops to offices we design them together with 4 co-facilitators that are selected from the staff of the office. We work 6 weeks in advance of the training with these co-facilitators and design together the rollout of the workshop.

  • This enables us to align the content with the training with the culture and the work focus of the office.
  • The training sessions can be facilitated in the local language to be able to engage the whole office.
  • The four co-facilitators become local centres of expertise on the issue and can further support other staff after the training.

We also offer post-workshop support so that we can help with further questions or ideas about how to implement the information into campaigns and projects.

Until now we have facilitated training for National Regional Offices (Japan, India, SEA, Spain, France). In 2019 we are planning to conduct two trainings as part of the global learning program that interested people from all offices and departments can sign up to. Dates and locations are yet to be confirmed. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested to participate.