Every minute, the equivalent of a truckload of plastic enters our oceans and environment, endangering marine life and ecosystems. The Global Plastic Treaty is our chance to turn the tide. Act now – every signature counts!

Time is ticking! The Global Plastics Treaty discussions have begun, aiming for a pivotal end-of-2024 target. This treaty holds the answer to a future without plastic pollution. It’s imperative that we act immediately and give our utmost commitment to ensure that this treaty can bring about the transformation we need.

Your signature can make a difference! Help us reach 10,000 signatures to bring this urgent issue to the forefront.

We demand an ambitious and strong Global Plastics Treaty that will limit plastic production and use. A strong global plastics treaty will keep oil and gas used to produce plastic in the ground and stop big polluters with their relentless plastic production. A strong plastics treaty will deliver a cleaner, safer planet for us and for future generations by:

Tell world leaders to champion a strong Global Plastics Treaty during upcoming negotiations so that we can finally turn off the tap and end the age of plastic.

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Together we are part of a growing, global movement determined to bring about the changes our planet desperately needs.