Clean Environment

Destructive man-made practices are causing air, water and soil pollution, in addition to environmental damage that impacts our health and livelihood.

The fight for a clean environment is a fight for our basic human right to live in a clean, healthy and safe environment.

Haze in Kuala Lumpur. © Joshua Paul / Greenpeace

RM303 billion

is the estimated annual economic cost of ambient air pollution in Malaysia – or 20% of the country’s GDP in 2019.
Source: CREA & Greenpeace Malaysia


avoidable deaths occur in Malaysia every year because of air pollution.
Source: CREA & Greenpeace Malaysia


of the world’s population is at risk of unhealthy air, showing that no amount of air pollution is safe for human beings.
Source: WHO

Forest Fires Investigation in PT GAL, Central Kalimantan. © Alif Rizky / Greenpeace

The problem

Many of our environmental laws and policies are severely outdated. As the climate crisis grows and its impacts of extreme weather and devastating disasters escalate, we need more.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that this environmental emergency is a risk to our health and safety – its a risk to our human right to life.

Understand the issues better

What we do

A clean environment is not about hygiene. It’s about blue skies and clean air, unpolluted water sources and sustainable soil. It’s also about clean, incorruptible practices that are environmentally safe. But transparency, open consultation with experts, and accountability is trailing behind in the environmental legislative arena.

To overcome this, we need stronger political will from our government to take action by prioritising people over profit. Greenpeace Malaysia will remain steadfast as we strive to advocate for a clean environment as a fundamental human right for all.

Terrace Vegetables Garden in Bengaluru. © Arjun Swaminathan / Greenpeace

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