The Problem with Plastic

Our planet can no longer tolerate the culture of throwaway plastics. Single-use plastics (SUPs), derived from fossil fuels, pollute at every stage of their lifecycle. In Malaysia, SUPs fill landfills, choke rivers, and contaminate oceans. It’s time to act on real solutions to end this crisis.

139 million

tonnes of single-use plastic (SUP) was generated worldwide in 2021.

Source: Minderoo Foundation

1.10 million

tonnes in average amount of plastic disposed each year in Malaysia.

Source: World Bank Group

RM31 billion

contributed by the plastic industry to Malaysia’s national economy in 2018.

Source: World Bank Group

The dangers of plastic

Plastic pollution is a pervasive threat, infiltrating our air, water, and food. Microplastics have been found in our bloodstreams, posing serious health risks. Corporations promote false solutions while continuing to produce vast amounts of plastic. The most affected are the marginalised communities, bearing the brunt of pollution and health impacts.

Understand the issues better

What we do

We are taking bold steps to tackle the plastic crisis in Malaysia. Through grassroots activism, policy advocacy, and public awareness campaigns, we’re holding corporations accountable and pushing for sustainable alternatives. Join us in demanding stronger regulations and supporting the Global Plastics Treaty for a healthier, plastic-free future.

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