Our Work on Climate Change

Climate change, also known as global warming, is a man made crisis that affects all aspects of environmental issues. As greenhouse gas emissions spike global temperatures, so too do the effects on our lives and the environment. Extreme changes in weather conditions and increasing pollution are a wake-up call.

We’re working to fight against the climate crisis by working on real, long-term solutions and demanding decision-makers work on effective and immediate change.

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Our planet is under threat

Find out why our home is at risk and what we can do for a greener, more peaceful world.

The climate crisis is urgent

…and we campaign to fight back! Climate change is a vicious cycle that starts with exploitation of natural resources, environmental pollution and destruction, that spirals into further impacts on the planet and peoples lives. Burning fossil fuels for energy and transportation, deforestation, overconsumption, and unsustainable agricultural practices are only a few of the human activities that generate greenhouse gases.

As a result, we experience severe heatwaves, powerful and frequent storms, devastating floods and droughts as rainfall and climate patterns shift.

Understand the issues better

Real solutions already exist

We don’t have to be alone in finding solutions for climate change. When we work together, we gain courage in preserving and protecting the environment, and communities to put people and planet ahead of solely profit-driven goals. We have several key campaigns to bring these solutions to life.

From protecting nature by stopping pollution and the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources carried out through deforestation, overfishing, the production of throwaway items like single-use plastic.

To standing in solidarity with communities that are vulnerable to the effects of climate change, indigenous people and allies working toward the same cause – protecting our homes, health and lives.

Solar Rooftop at Prapokklao Hospital in Thailand. © Roengchai  Kongmuang / Greenpeace

Understand the solutions better

Vote4Climate Action in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. © Greenpeace

Big impacts

Our campaigns focus on solutions based on research and investigations, to hold big polluters and decision-makers accountable for implementing sustainable policies and regulations.

But people are at the heart of our work – by sharing knowledge and skills, while bringing together the efforts of individuals and groups of allies. The work of many voices, strengthening each other to achieve the same goal, enables us to protect communities and our future.

We’re fighting to protect the environment

To do this, it is urgent we:

Stop the climate crisis
Prioritise people & planet over profit
Reduce production of single-use plastic
Save our natural forests
Push for a just energy transition
Reduce carbon emissions
Protect the biodiversity of plants and animals
Fight against greenwashing

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Together we are part of a growing, global movement determined to bring about the changes our planet desperately needs.