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Yearly, we continue to face haze, single-use plastic pollution and deforestation.
Greenpeace Malaysia is protecting our home.
We bear witness to the unfolding climate crisis, we bring awareness and education on climate issues and
we call on politicians and corporations to take accountability.

Support is the lifeblood of our campaigns and initiatives, fueling our mission to make a difference. To maintain our independence, we steer clear of corporate or governmental donations, relying solely on the generosity of individuals like you. Your contribution is crucial to every facet of our work, ensuring we can continue to push boundaries and effect meaningful change. It will ensure we have the resources to continue working towards a better future.

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At Greenpeace, we take bold, often daring actions to protect the Earth and its inhabitants, but we can’t do it alone. That’s where you, our dedicated supporters, come in. Your commitment and passion are vital in our journey to safeguard the planet.

Giving monthly ensures that we can plan and implement long-term and effective actions and projects. By choosing to give monthly, you’re sustaining your impact over time.

Fundraise For Greenpeace

Empower change with Greenpeace Malaysia by bringing your community together and amplifying your impact! Reach out to friends and family, and fundraise for a cause close to your heart.