Our Vision

The power of people working together to collectively make a change, far outweighs the inaction and apathy of a few. That’s our goal – create movements and build momentum, to give people their power back.

Wings of Paradise Mural in Kuala Lumpur. © Nandakumar S. Haridas / Greenpeace
Fridays for Future Student Demonstration in Bangkok. © Biel Calderon / Greenpeace
Rainbow Warrior's Open Boat at Port Klang in Malaysia. © Rahman Roslan / Greenpeace


Annual Report 2018: You Can’t Sink A Rainbow

July 2019

What a time to be alive. Yes, there is urgency – our planet is getting sicker, with trees in short supply and plastics steadily becoming a permanent marine fixture. But…

Annual Report 2017

January 2019

Take a look at how we changed the world for the better in 2017, thanks to our supporters, who have all contributed their time, money, and dedication for our cause.

Annual Report 2016

December 2017

The year 2016 was a year of uncertainties. But it will go down in history as a year of resistance when hundreds of thousands stood together to defend their rights.…