Our fundraising work

We are honored to tell you that our work in Greenpeace is almost entirely funded by donations given to us by passionate individuals, like yourself, who care about the planet and want to help us create change. In addition to your contributions, we also accept grants from private charitable foundations who share our values. Our independence is vital for us to be effective in our campaigning work, which is why we have it as a core principle that guides all our fundraising. We do not accept funding from corporations, political parties, governments, or intergovernmental organisations. We also strive to balance costs with results to achieve the greatest value for our supporters. We treat donations from our supporters responsibly and with the utmost respect, as they are used to create the greatest possible impact in our campaigns. Therefore, our fundraising costs are detailed in the annual accounts of every Greenpeace office.

For donor-related enquiries, reach us directly at:

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +603 2276 2022 / +60327123237

How we use your donation

In Southeast Asia, we have 58,665 financial donors from all walks of life who support our work. Because of them, we are able to campaign for a greener future by investigating, documenting and lobbying for the protection of our climate, forests, oceans, freshwater, and food.

For more details, visit our FAQ page here.

Donor Rights

At Greenpeace, we highly respect donor privacy and adhere to our security policy to preserve donor information. We commit to send regular information and updates about the movement and its campaigns to our donors. Most of our campaign updates are sent through email, and some by post mail. Occasionally, donors receive exclusive invites to Greenpeace events for a chance to meet other planet warriors who are also making a difference in protecting our environment.

Together, we are making change.

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