A crowd of people form a giant human banner in front of the Hassan II Mosque and Casablanca International Fair in Casablanca, Morocco with the message in Berber, Arabic and English: “Break Free – go solar”, as part of the global “Break Free” movement promoting renewable energies.

Casablanca,29th April 2018: Hundreds of people joined today Greenpeace sun-shaped human banner reading: “Break Free – Go Solar” with the landmark mosque Hassan II in the background in Casablanca-Morocco.

Participants delivered a message in English, Arabic and Amazigh calling on world leaders notably from the Middle East and North Africa to accelerate the transition to renewable energy and put an end to the era of dirty fossil fuel.

Julien Jreissati, Arab world & North Africa campaigner at Greenpeace Mediterranean said: “We chose Morocco because it is an incontestable global renewable energy leader and therefore the country we should expect most from!”

Jreissati added “During the COP22 the world has discovered the Moroccan people’s strong dedication to fight climate change. Today they have yet again shown their unwavering resolve to see a world powered by 100% renewable energy and freed from the grasp of dirty of fossil fuel.”

Although Morocco has recorded great achievements in its transition towards renewable energy thanks to its mega solar and wind projects, the country is still lagging far behind when it comes to distributed solar energy. There is a need to amend the current renewable energy law (13-09) to make it less troublesome and bureaucratic for individuals to own and sell renewable energy and implement law 58-15 which enables connection of renewable energy systems to low voltage distribution grid.

“Ownership of solar energy systems should be made available and accessible to every citizen and we have strong faith that the Moroccan government will lead by example!” added Jreissati.

“This day would not have been a success were it not for the hundreds of volunteers, our NGO partners including the Moroccan Alliance for the Climate and Sustainable development (AMCDD) and the local government who facilitated organization, logistics and authorisations” concluded Jreissati.

Prior to this activity, a training called “Act with Greenpeace” was delivered to young Moroccan volunteers and representatives from local NGOs to boost their engagement and mobilisation skills.

These activities are part of the global movement Break Free, which aims at ending the era of fossil fuels and building the sustainable age of renewable energy. They also fall under Greenpeace’s continuous work in Morocco calling for decentralised solar energy for all.

Since 2016, Break Free has been a people-centered movement that is powered by mobilisation, civil disobedience, and creative confrontation. Thousands of people from more than 25 countries drive the actions that are changing the energy that powers our world. Break Free aims to forefront, facilitate, amplify and strengthen the ongoing resistance from frontline communities around the world by creating a billion acts of courage.

Note to editor:

Link to photos (with video later): https://media.greenpeace.org/collection/27MZIFJXF3JS0

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