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Jakarta — Commenting on palm oil trader Wilmar’s ‘No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation Policy’ progress report, Greenpeace Indonesia campaigner Annisa Rahmawati said:

“Two years ago, many hoped that Wilmar’s landmark ‘No Deforestation’ policy
would transform the palm oil industry. Instead, deforestation in Indonesia is
accelerating and Wilmar is unable to prove that its suppliers are not
responsible. Nor has it made significant progress towards eliminating social
conflict within its supply chain.

Wilmar must act quickly if it wants to maintain its leadership position within
the palm oil industry; pushing for increased transparency through public release
of maps, ensuring group-level action, and implementing an independent
verification system.

As a dedicated Indonesian Palm Oil Pledge (IPOP) member, Wilmar has the
opportunity to drive collective action to reach the goals it set itself two
years ago to transform the palm oil industry.”

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[1] Wilmar’s report is at

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Annisa Rahmawati, Forest Campaigner, Greenpeace Indonesia
E: annisa.rahmawati@greenpeace.org, M: +62 8111097527

Sol Gosetti, International Communications Coordinator, Indonesia Forest Campaign
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