Forests are vital

Greenpeace is working globally to defend the planet’s most vital ‘forest frontiers’ such as the Amazon, the Congo, and, in Southeast Asia, Indonesia’s rainforests which are being destroyed faster than any other on earth.

Deforestation is endangering the planet’s rich biodiversity – and contributing to climate change. Southeast Asian nations such as Thailand and the Philippines are among the most vulnerable to climate change impacts. Preserving Indonesia’s vast forests is one of the keys to stabilising the global climate, in turn bringing significant benefits to Southeast Asia.

#Climate #Consumption #Forests Restore Forests: Restore Life

10 years ago, companies committed to eliminate deforestation from their products by 2020 and yet they are no where near…

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#Climate #Forests Save Forests

Indonesia’s irreplaceable rainforests and carbon-rich peatlands are now being destroyed, join the fight to protect our forests!

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