Huge Trees in Rainforest in Indonesia. © Nathalie Bertrams / Greenpeace
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Manila, 23 March 2021– Greenpeace Southeast Asia today released a statement on the rising violence in Myanmar.

Yeb Saño, Executive Director of Greenpeace Southeast Asia, said:

“Myanmar stands on the precipice of a devastating and long-lasting humanitarian crisis that threatens to engulf the whole region. As a potential tide of people attempt to flee across the country’s borders to escape the violent crackdown in Myanmar, Greenpeace is backing calls for urgent and decisive international action to end the military Junta’s bloody crackdown on protests calling for a return to democracy. 

“As an organisation that values and promotes peace, global disarmament and nonviolence, Greenpeace is saddened and appalled by the military’s blatant disregard for life, liberty and dignity, and its brutal assault on democracy that is already hitting the country’s most vulnerable the hardest. 

“Greenpeace stands in solidarity with the people of Myanmar. We join the clamour to undo the arrests and detention of public servants, journalists, artists, members of the judiciary and other citizens. We especially stand with the youth of Myanmar in defending their future.

“Stop the violence. Do what is necessary, and what is right, to prevent an impending humanitarian crisis. The world is watching and now, more than ever, peace cannot wait.”

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