The Fundraising Content and Design Senior Coordinator provides content oversight and support for fundraising material/creatives. She/He will collaborate with the Creative Coordinator on donor visual identity strategy for Greenpeace Southeast Asia (GPSEA) across print and digital formats.

This is a fixed-term (employee) position for 1 year, to be based either in the Philippines or Malaysia.

Key Duties

1. Lead the overall process of developing editorial content and creative designs aimed at improving both awareness and recognition of Greenpeace along with improving performance of online and offline fundraising campaigns/activities

2. Articulate Greenpeace cause through creative contents/visuals and materials that will help boost donor engagement, improve donor conversion as well as increase the average donation levels.

3. Content Creation

  • Research and write original editorial content in English
  • Provide proofreading and quality assurance checks of Fundraising content produced both internally and externally for public consumption

4. Production Management

  • Develop presentations, web interface and interactive products
  • Layout and design presentations
  • Create animations in PowerPoint and/or Flash for illustrative purposes such as animated maps and more advanced solutions
  • Deliver creative graphics and technical solutions for use on new emerging media/platforms

5. Editorial Alignment

  • Provide Editorial oversight and design support for GPSEA Fundraising teams
  • Ensure that Fundraising produced content is editorially aligned with GPSEA’s programme and in line with the Greenpeace Identity guidelines
  • Work closely with GPSEA creative coordinator and Country Digi comms managers to align on country narratives and to ensure a truly integrated journey for our supporters to improve donor retention and increase supporter sign-up rates
  • Set, monitor and evaluate creative output against impact indicators and ensure compliance measures are set in collaboration with national FR managers + Digital/Comms managers to meet Greenpeace identity and editorial standards and principles, industry-standard production specifications and licensing and copyright laws
  • Develop web interface and design for GPSEA website, operational databases and other interactive products in close collaboration with the Web Developer and the Database Developer
  • Set timelines and deliver content production plans for multiple projects simultaneously, as required. Monitor and identify production delivery and editorial standards issues and ensure effective coordination of production activities and resources
  • Optimize and adapt processes and procedures in response to breaking news, emerging trends, changing operational demands and stakeholder feedback
  • Establish and lead monthly reporting on progress based on set objectives and indicators using analytical tools and databases. Provide monthly update reports on performance
  • Keep track of all design work reflecting active projects, status of each project and timelines.
  • Deliver creative and innovative ideas for on and offline productions.
  • Set and monitor production standards and compliance to meet Greenpeace identity and editorial standards and principles.


  • Preferably in journalism, copywriting, Design direction, or a minimum of 5 years of equivalent industry experience
  • Minimum of 5 years of professional experience

Application Guidelines

Interested candidates are invited to (1) download and fill out the attached Application Form and (2) write a Letter of Motivation explaining why you are applying, and your qualifications for the position. Send the two documents to [email protected]

Deadline for Applications is on March 31, 2022


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