In this Edition:

• World forestry day by Cindy De Lange
• I <3 the arctic by Ricardo Rodrigues
• Community clean up in Orange Farm by William Tchadieu
• Zero plastic week by Rebecca Henderson
• Global day of action against coal by Aarti Bharwani
• Going solar by Sabata Mohono
• Movie night reviews by Diana Waters
• International news: there's pesticide in my soup! by Cindy Delange

Note from the Editor:
Thank you for tuning into our very first news letter and to everyone who made it possbile.
2013 has been an interesting one for us volunteers in the Joburg Network. We have had a lot of firsts and had awesome opportunities to be actively involved in seeking solutions for some important local and global environmental issues.

We hope you enjoy reading about or work thus far, and tune in again for our next edition - like many things in life we hope to get better with age!


Download the first edition of The Green Leaf.