“Did you know that a new continent was discovered? A continent the size of France and Spain put together. Without the presence of humans, animals, or nature, but only made from plastic!”. This is a scary reality of the world we are living in. As humans of the earth we are responsible for this reality and we need to clean up our mess.

Last year a group of volunteers in the Netherlands were so devastated by the effects of plastic in the ocean that they decided to create Zero Plastic Week. And due to its great success they've decide to take it global this year.

The whole point of Zero Plastic Week is to get people to pledge not to purchase any plastic items for 1 week. That means no new plastic from 10th of June– 16th of June. You will however be allowed to use the plastic items you already own such as your toothbrush, sandwich bags and body scrubs, but the challenge is to not buy any new plastic items or items that are wrapped and packaged in plastic.

We can choose to blame others and wait for these big manufacturing companies to go plastic free or we could take it upon ourselves to not be part of the problem. We have the ability to make the right choice in our everyday lives. If we took the initiative to not buy plastic then we are creating a cleaner brighter future.


Be part of this plastic free movement and sign up to pledge to go plastic free for 1 week here:


We do realise that this will be a tough challenge in this modern world we live in so we will be posting tips, tricks and advice on our Volunteer Facebook page:


So get liking and get posting in the group! happy plastic-free shopping!