We, the Board of Directors of Greenpeace Africa, stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement to denounce the systemic racially-motivated discrimination and police brutality targeting black people and people of colour and their communities

As an African organization that stands for the protection of people and our planet and against injustice, Greenpeace Africa condemns all forms of discrimination and violence. We believe that systemic injustice to one group of people is a systemic injustice to us all and should awaken our collective consciousness to act together to bring it to an end.

Keeping silent in the face of injustice is to condone the continuation and spread of injustice around the world.

Our diversity is a source of our strength.  Today, we stand in solidarity with people and organizations in the USA and globally to put an end to systemic oppression and structural racism everywhere.

We call on all people, all communities, all sectors, all organisations,  all companies and all governments to work together to finally  end racial discrimination, violence, underrepresentation, marginalization, oppression and disempowerment of black people and people of color worldwide.

To dismantle systemic and institutional racial injustice requires long-term commitments and solutions from all of us. But without racial justice there will be no peace on our planet. The time for action and solidarity for justice and peace is now.

As the board of Greenpeace Africa, we are committed to working for justice for all for a peaceful planet for all.

The Board of Directors of Greenpeace Africa:

Oury Traoré, Board Chair/GPI Trustee

Loice Erambo, Board Member

Tracy-Lynn Field, Board member

Nisha Naidoo, Board Member

Edmore Nyanhongo, Board Member