Dear Mr. Mamo Boru Mamo,

Our lakes are dying and so are the fish. On the shores of Lake Victoria, piles of dead fish have been washed up. There has also been several incidents of fish dying in Lake Nakuru, prompting the government to issue  a warning on consumption of fish from the lake. 

The evidence of dying lakes in Kenya is irrefutable as the lakes have for a long time been a sink to excessive waste and untreated effluent from industrial and municipal activities.  The rising pollution has led to fish poisoning threatening the livelihood of communities and  the health of consumers, international and domestic tourists that visit the lakes. 

Despite the increased levels of lake pollution in Kenya, there has been no commitment from your office which is mandated to oversee and implement policies relating to environment protection.

As NEMA’s director general, you have the power to implement laws and policies that protect Kenya’s rivers and lakes from pollution. Greenpeace Africa is asking NEMA to take action on the water pollution issue in Kenya and specifically on protecting lake Nakuru and lake Victoria and the lives and livelihoods of those who depend on these resources. 

Greenpeace Africa demands NEMA to:

  • Design and implement proper waste management infrastructure including proper sewage and drainage systems for settlements near the lakes.
  • Relocate sewage treatment plants in Lake Nakuru to a location that will not lead to the mixing of lake water and raw sewage whenever water rises in the lake.
  • Implement policies that regulate the disposal of industrial and municipal waste by ensuring that all waste is properly treated before disposal to avoid pollution.
  • Urgently and immediately ensure a stop to the ongoing Lake Nakuru and Victoria pollution. 

This letter was originally published in the Daily Nation on 31 March 2021.

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