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Greenpeace Africa responds to the cancellation of oil blocks in Salonga National Park, urging similar decisions to be taken in Virunga and the rest of the Cuvette Centrale threatened by oil blocks

July 2021

On Monday the UNESCO World Heritage Committee decided to remove Salonga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo from the List of World Heritage in Danger.

Lifting DRC’s moratorium on new logging concessions would be a human rights and climate disaster, warn Greenpeace Africa, Rainforest Foundation UK and Rainforest Foundation Norway

July 2021

13 July 2021, Kinshasa – Greenpeace Africa, the Rainforest Foundation UK and the Rainforest Foundation Norway are alarmed over a plan announced by the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Environment…

Tradelink Concessions: ICCN confirms illegality, Ministry keeps eerily silent

July 2021

New development in the Tradelink concessions scandal: the Congolese Institute for Nature Conservation (ICCN) confirms the illegality of the contracts awarded by ex-Environment Minister Claude Nyamugabo.

A Belgian Concessionaire In Congo’s Forest, Again

June 2021

Just as the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was trying last year to launch its first land-use planning reform, the then Environment Minister Claude Nyamugabo sealed the fate of a…

Deutsche Bank must end its Sustainability Farce in Central Africa

April 2021

For the second time in 12 months, Deutsche Bank is about to violate its own Environmental and Social Policy Framework. By mid-2021, the bank is expected to transfer the second…

Greenpeace Africa welcomes new law on the rights of Congolese indigenous peoples

April 2021

April 08, Kinshasa – Greenpeace Africa welcomes the decision by the DRC’s National Assembly to adopt a law that recognizes and protects the specific rights of Indigenous People.

President Joe Biden’s climate ambitions must include land-rights for forest communities

March 2021

The article was originally published in Climate Home News on March 16, 2021 

5 Points to Understand Congo’s Logging Moratorium

March 2021

This blog explains what the moratorium on new logging concessions in DRC is, how it was violated and why restoring it is essential for both people and nature.

Certification schemes such as FSC are greenwashing forest destruction

March 2021

Certified companies, including the widely-known FSC label, are reportedly linked to forest destruction, land disputes and human rights abuses, warns a new report from Greenpeace…

New illegal forest concessions in the DRC: the Environment Minister has done it again

February 2021

Greenpeace Africa calls on the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Félix Tshisekedi, to order the immediate cancellation of four illegal forest concession contracts

Year 2021: an opportunity to reshape the future?

January 2021

2020 – ouff some may say! But can we really congratulate ourselves and say we’ve done it? 2020 came with a lot of unexpected challenges for us as individuals and…

It is not enough to suspend injustice: Banen communities deserve permanent justice

November 2020

As countries around the world began to reckon with the deadly consequences of the Coronavirus and citizens in Cameroon were scrambling to protect themselves, the Ministry of Forest and Wildlife…


November 2020

New Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) “national standards” for Cameroon and the Republic of Congo are good news for the multinational loggers destroying Africa’s Intact Forest Landscapes (IFL), biodiversity hotspots crucial…

Illegal giant palm oil plantation flattening indigenous people’s rainforest and threatening endangered wildlife in Cameroon

September 2020

llegal clear-cutting of ancestral lands of the Indigenous Bagyeli people has begun in a biodiversity hotspot in coastal Cameroon

Time to build on ancestral methods of conservation and empower indigenous communities for a healthier planet

September 2020

My mum told me that my grandfather was a forest engineer and leader. I didn’t get a chance to meet him as he passed away before I was born. He…

“False Solutions” to Plastic Pollution Impact the Forest

August 2020

Greenpeace Africa Campaigner Awa Traoré explains why substituting single-use plastic with paper is a “false solution” to the plastic pollution crisis

Greenpeace Africa and Rainforest Rescue: Joint statement following the suspension of logging plans for Ebo forest

August 2020

Yaoundé, 13 August 2020: The Cameroon Prime Minister’s office announced the suspension of logging plans in Ebo forest* on Tuesday, 11 August. The suspension of logging plans, which Greenpeace Africa…

Volunteer Blog: Showcasing the Baka Culture and Beliefs

August 2020

I’m called Sineh Edel-queen, a Greenpeace Africa volunteer in Cameroon (Environmental Ambassadors of Cameroon). I had the opportunity to take part in the Baka community festival in Assok-Mintom March 2019…

Cameroon’s Government sentenced Ebo forest to death. This is why we should care.

August 2020

What would logging mean for Ebo forest and its ecosystems? Asks Greenpeace Africa Campaigner Sylvie Djacbou Deugoue

Greenpeace Africa: “Cameroon’s government just decided to massacre Ebo forest”

July 2020

Yaoundé, 23 July 2020 – Greenpeace Africa and local communities denounce a decision by the Government of Cameroon to open up 68,385 hectares of pristine rainforest to logging. The fate…


July 2020

Yaoundé, 03 July 2020 – Greenpeace Africa calls for the immediate cancellation of Deutsche Bank’s $25 million loan to Singapore-based rubber producer Halcyon Agri to support investments in its Cameroon…

Greenpeace Africa comments on loggers demands excluded from finance law revision

June 2020

Yaoundé, 11 June 2020 – A request for massive tax reduction made two weeks ago by the loggers’ association GFBC was not included in the revision of the finance law…

Greenpeace Africa to Minister Ndongo: Tax breaks to logging companies might mean public funding for next pandemic

June 2020

Yaoundé, 2 June 2020 – Greenpeace Africa calls on Mr. Jules Doret Ndongo, Cameroon’s Minister of Forests and Wildlife, to reject the request for tax reduction made last week by…

Protect Kenya’s Forests for a Healthy Ecosystem: Greenpeace

May 2020

Nairobi, 27 May 2020 – Responding to the news that the Ministry of Environment and Forestry has pledged to plant 1.8 billion trees by 2022 as efforts to reverse biodiversity…

140+ Africans on Zoom action to #SaveCongoRainforest on Biodiversity Day

May 2020

May 22, Johannesburg – More than 140 activists from across Africa gathered today in a Zoom action on the International Day of Biodiversity. Youth activists in Africa and around the…

Worried about biodiversity? End Industrial Activity in the Rainforest

May 2020

As we write this article, the world is still dealing with the COVID19 pandemic. Since the crisis began, it had repeatedly been shown that a healthy and undisturbed nature, especially…

Global crisis now! What nature is reminding us

May 2020

Hello Readers! My name is Enjer Ashraf, founder My Tree Initiative Uganda living in Kampala, Uganda. l love so much working with children. My team and I work with primary…

The blessings and the curses of the day after will be up to us

May 2020

Greenpeace Africa Campaigner Sylvie Djacbou Deugoue I started 2020 with a renewed sense of optimism. I promised myself to make the first year of the third decade of the third…

Finding the crack in the lockdown

April 2020

Human beings love comfort, freedom and certainty. The COVID-19 lockdown has instantly taken all that away from landing us in a new reality and an unchartered territory. Some react with…

Ebo forest is a blessing to more than 40 communities, numerous threatened species and the planet

April 2020

Ebo forest in Cameroon is one of the intact forest ecosystems in the Gulf of Guinea, stretching over 2000km. It is a massive biodiversity hotspot, which is why in 2006…

Cameroon government pushes new logging plans amidst a global coronavirus crisis

April 2020

Yaoundé, 26 March 2020 – Greenpeace Africa joins a call by local people in Cameroon’s Littoral Region to immediately cancel government plans to turn an area of nearly 150,000 hectares…

CAFI and illegal award of DRC logging concessions

March 2020

Dear Ms. Bretas, Let me first extend my best wishes to the Board in this time of global crisis. We’re writing with reference to CAFI’s silence regarding the illegal award…

On World Forest Day, Greenpeace says 'no thanks' to 1 Trillion Trees campaign

March 2020

X 20 March, 2020 — On International Forests Day, Greenpeace X published its rejection of corporate and government tree-plantation initiatives to offset emissions, reinforcing the long-term importance of natural ecosystem…

For my birthday, all I want is a healthy forest

March 2020

When I think of the forest, I remember playing in it. We would build huts of sticks and moss, and vehicles from bamboo trees. Getting lost in the forest was…

Congo's Environment Minister must react to the first major logging scandal since assuming office

March 2020

Kinshasa, 4 March 2020 – Following reports that the DRC Environment and Sustainable Development Minister, Claude Nyamugabo, signed at least nine logging concession contracts in January [1], Greenpeace Africa joins…

Greenpeace Africa stands with jailed community leaders in Kisangani: “Environmental criminals belong behind bars - not people fighting for justice”

February 2020

Kinshasa, 13 February 2020 Greenpeace Africa joins a call for the release of five community leaders from Yalifombo, who will again appear in court next week in Kisangani after their…

The Garden of Eden of Indigenous People is turning into an Industrial Exploitation Hell / Sylvie Djacbou Deugoue and Lamfu Yengong Fabrice

December 2019

Access to land and its resources is crucial throughout rural Africa. Since the colonial era, local elites and foreign corporations have been taking control over large areas of agricultural lands.…

Fighting for climate action but barred from COP25: what did these Congolese forest defenders want to say in Madrid?

December 2019

Kinshasa, 10 December 2019 Greenpeace Africa and a coalition of eight NGOs from the two Congos are calling for the immediate cancellation of all industrial activities in peatlands, including oil…

“We were told not to go into the forest anymore” - Greenpeace investigation exposes human rights violations by Halcyon Agri

November 2019

Yaoundé, 25 November 2019 – Following last year’s Ruinous Rubber report, which exposed the most devastating new forest clearance for industrial agriculture in the Congo Basin, Greenpeace Africa released today…

Greenpeace Africa on floods across the continent: “Without Climate Action we’ll be queuing for Noah’s Ark”

November 2019

Nairobi, 5 November 2019 – With floods hitting at least 16 African countries [1], Greenpeace Africa urges leaders to act for the people and against climate change. Rains have increasingly…

Greenpeace on Inga III: Congo’s natural Resources belong to the Congolese - not to Multinationals

October 2019

Kinshasa, 28 October 2019 Greenpeace Africa welcomes a new report from Resource Matters and Congo Research Group confirming suspicions that the $14 billion Inga III hydroelectric project in the Democratic…

Indigenous leaders interrupt global summit to tell top brands: "our survival is at stake”

October 2019

Johannesburg, South Africa, 24 October 2019 – Today, Indigenous leaders targeted CEOs and senior management of some of the world’s biggest brands, including Nestle, Unilever and Mondelēz, at a summit…

International Day of Rural Women: The case of Baka from South Cameroon - Sylvie Djacbou Deugoue

October 2019

In Cameroon, about half of my country is covered by forests. Home to incredible biodiversity, they are also central to the lives and livelihoods of many communities including the Baka.…

Local and indigenous communities should have a right to their lands

October 2019

International development agencies and our own government need to rethink their development approaches. Too often, instead of development, they end up degrading the environment and worsening social problems.  Decisions on…

Rainforest Foundation UK and Greenpeace Africa express Alarm at Norway/France-funded Project intended to protect Rainforests

September 2019

Johannesburg, 23 September. An agreement between the governments of France and Norway and the Republic of Congo to protect its rainforest and peatlands gives a green light to oil exploitation…

President Tshisekedi’s noble Ambitions in New York require tough Action in Kinshasa

September 2019

Kinshasa, 23 September 2019 – President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Felix Tshisekedi spoke today (Monday) at the UN Secretary General  Climate Action Summit of the strategic…

Facing a burning crisis

September 2019

18 September 2019 We are in crisis mode. At times it seems that the whole world is in flames. Europe’s summer was the hottest on record. Fires in the boreal…

Greenpeace Africa on Congo-Brazzaville CAFI agreement: “Peatlands must be a no-go zone for all industrial activity”

September 2019

Johannesburg, 4 September 2019 – Greenpeace Africa denounces the surprise signature of a CAFI Letter of Intent (LoI) by the presidents of France and the Republic of the Congo giving…