29 January 2021, Johannesburg – Responding to a reading by Advocate Pretorius at today’s State Capture Enquiry, Greenpeace Africa’s Interim Programme Director, Melita Steele has said:

“If true, the testimony at today’s Zondo Commission hearing is confirmation of allegations that surfaced in March 2019 that the state spied on Greenpeace Africa. At the time these allegations were originally made, both Greenpeace Africa and Right2Know attempted to obtain more detailed information about the extent and depth of the spying, but were stonewalled by the state. 

“This means that not only were NGOs spied upon, but the depth and extent of the spying have not been disclosed, and it is therefore impossible to measure the impact that this may have had on our operations. 

“Greenpeace Africa is committed to working towards social and environmental justice and we condemn attempts to undermine the work that civil society in South Africa does to create a more just future. 

“We call for full disclosure from the State Security Agency immediately” 

Contact details:

Chris Vlavianos, Greenpeace Africa Communications Officer, [email protected], +2779 883 7036