Cape Town, 22nd  February 2024/ Pictures of the Al Kuwait ship which docked in Cape Town with 19 000 cows aboard last Monday shows distressed cattle covered in urine and faeces. This deplorable news made headlines and provoked a great deal of indignation among residents and environmentalists in Cape Town. 

Cynthia Moyo, Climate and  Energy Campaigner at Greenpeace Africa said:

It is rather unfortunate that the ship was not impounded to save the cattle but was allowed to leave South Africa for its final destination, Iraq. The suffering of these  animals transported in such poor conditions will continue. Animal welfare should be taken seriously and respected to avoid senseless harm.”

Greenpeace Africa is committed to defending Animal welfare and challenging the systems that perpetuate harm. The appalling conditions aboard the ship reveal a disturbing truth of the ongoing appalling treatment of animals in our modern society. “It is shocking to see in this day and age that the transporters don’t give consideration to  the health of animals and the impacts on the communities.” Cynthia concluded

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Cynthia Moyo, 

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