Nairobi, 29 March 2019 – Responding to the news that it will be illegal to plant crops using animal manure if a proposed crop bill becomes law,  Renee Olende, Greenpeace Africa’s Senior Food for Life Campaign Manager has said:

“This bill is cruel and a reflection of misdirected governance. Kenyan citizens will be denied the right to chemically free food and worse still farmers will be locked into a debt cycle dependent on industrial corporations that provide agro chemical fertilizers. This will guarantee Kenyans food which is laced with chemicals for generations to come.

“Industrial agriculture corporations are set to win big with this bill that will guarantee bottom line profits.  Poor governance is yet again on display where the government of Kenya places profits over people.

“Greenpeace Africa is calling on the ministry of Agriculture, the Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA) and county governments to prioritise implementation of robust inspection systems to ensure that organic manure is safe for use as opposed to promoting chemical inputs which pose an even higher risk to both the environment and human health.

“The government of Kenya must ensure that the Agriculture sector is self reliant on sustainable practises that allow for climate change adaptation measures, efficient post harvesting handling  and food sovereignty. Most importantly the government must ensure the right of our people to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through sustainable methods.

Media contact:

Hellen Dena, Plastics Communication Officer – Greenpeace Africa, [email protected], +254 717 104 144