Nairobi, 6th September 2019: A report by the Auditor General has revealed that the  Kenya Seed Company stocked different varieties of Maize infected with the Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease amounting to losses of about 218 Million shillings. Responding to this news, Greenpeace Africa’s Food for Life Campaigner Claire Nasike has said:

“It is such a shame that the Kenya Seed Company trusted with producing top quality seeds stocked infected maize seeds. This action by a state corporation, that is primarily responsible for supporting the country to achieve food security reveals that the country’s food system is at risk”.

Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease (MLND), is a viral infection that gives rise to secondary fungal infections in the ears or grains, leading to the loss of yields. Maize is an important component of Kenyans’ diets. Losing maize to the virus leaves many Kenyans vulnerable to hunger.

“The action by the Kenya Seed Company directly undermines President Kenyatta’s recent remarks at the Mombasa agricultural show that the national government has allocated 48.5 billion Kenya shillings to agriculture to enhance agricultural production through irrigation thus ensuring that no Kenyan suffers from the lack of food”.