Our Greenspeakers are a dedicated group of Greenpeace-trained volunteers. We’re here to help educate students from grades 1-12 about critical topics such as climate change and Canada’s role in it, the impact of diet on climate, the Canadian Arctic, economic development & environmental impact, biodiversity, rain forests, oceans, and plastic pollution. We also offer general environmental awareness for grades 1-4.

Our virtual presentations are interactive, thought-provoking, and are free of charge. We have completed over 450 successful presentations in the past six years. Many teachers have booked us numerous times.

Volunteer with us!

The Greenspeakers program is led entirely through the effort and dedication of Greenpeace volunteers! Are you someone who finds joy in collaborating with young people, public speaking, and organizing workshops? Are you interested in contributing to the development of a new generation of environmental leaders? If your answer is a resounding YES! then you should consider becoming a member of our enthusiastic Greenspeakers team in the GTA and Hamilton area.

We want your feedback!

Thank you for inviting us to your classroom. Our volunteers are eager to learn and improve. We would love your feedback to help us enhance our program.