The problem

In May, the UN Biodiversity report reminded us that nearly one million plant and animal species worldwide are on the brink of extinction due to human activity.

Meanwhile, Arctic permafrost is melting, forests, towns, and Indigenous territories are burning. Climate change, pollution and environmental destruction have exacerbated systemic injustices, and states of emergency — declared for once-in-a-century floods — are becoming commonplace, as millions around the world already face dislocation and starvation.

To make matters worse, this isn’t the only crisis we face in Canada. Economic inequality, precarious work, a housing crisis, and rising racism threaten our communities and social fabric. Year after year, Canada’s emissions are stuck at historic highs, people are dying or heavily affected by extreme heat, wildfires or floods, more and more people are suffering from ecoanxiety…

The solution

1. Unite a diverse movement
It’s going to take everyone to pull this off. We’re inviting people from all walks of life and all movements — Indigenous communities, migrant justice activists, the labour movement, environmentalists, and everyday people — to come together to fight for our collective future.

2. Develop a shared vision
Then we’ll gather in community centres, union halls, and living rooms across the country to develop a shared vision for what a Green New Deal could look like in Canada.

3. Push political leaders to act
We’ll bring our shared vision for a Green New Deal to political leaders, and challenge them to adopt these visionary policies into their platforms and policies.

What you can do

Sign the Pact for a Green New Deal

Add your name and ask your MP to endorse the Green New Deal.


From the Ground UP : toolkit for a Green New Deal

Do you want to do something about the climate crisis? Participate in the activities proposed in the toolkit.

Go to the toolkit

Donate to Greenpeace

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Candlelight Commemoration 3 Years after Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. © Roy Lagarde / Greenpeace
Mouth of Lockhart/Gordon Creek. © Greenpeace / Phil Aikman
Implementing Solar Power Indonesia. © Greenpeace / Hotli Simanjuntak

Greenpeace is a non-partisan organization that is not affiliated with any political party or candidate, or platform. Greenpeace’s push for a Green New Deal goes beyond the election period, however Greenpeace Canada is taking diligent steps to comply with Elections Canada requirements of reporting.