As we enter the Lunar New Year, we reflect on progress we’ve made in our mission to tackle the threats facing our world — from the global boom in renewable energy to the creation of sanctuaries for our ancient forests, to the banning of harmful microbeads that pollute our oceans around the world.

China too, is shifting. In just a few years we’ve seen its renewables industry develop into the biggest in the world, leading a global clean energy boom. We’ve seen environmental protection and the battle against air pollution take priority on the national stage. And we’ve seen coal consumption flatline, bringing the world closer to the end of the age of fossil fuels. Greenpeace is proud to be part of this journey.

The world is now looking to China’s massive energy transition as a sign that lifesaving environmental change is possible, and we are more committed than ever to furthering this mission. At the same time, the impact of climate change on China’s environment is dramatic. Glaciers in western China are melting at a dangerous rate, while rising sea levels threaten communities all along the country’s coastline.

To meet the challenges ahead, Greenpeace is committed to our operations in China. We are in the process of gaining NGO registration and are applying for temporary activity permits, ensuring that our operations are in accordance with China’s INGO law. In the upcoming year, we look forward to strengthening partnerships with local institutions to accelerate positive environmental change.

We will increasingly focus our resources on championing solutions to the climate crisis that is facing our earth. This year, we will continue to encourage the development of clean solar and wind energy, to put a stop to the global plastics crisis that is clogging our waterways, and to safeguard biodiversity in our oceans, forests and wetlands.

The sky in Beijing this winter has been bluer than ever in recent history. Just five years ago, such a dramatic improvement seemed impossible to many, but this is just the beginning. The global shift that is needed to protect our earth from the forces of climate change and ecological degradation is massive — but it has already begun. In 2018, we reaffirm our commitment to pushing forward environmental change in China and beyond, and championing the innovators who are making this change possible.

Pang Cheung Sze is Executive Director of Greenpeace East Asia.