As the COVID-19 threat prevails, the surge of plastic pollution from disposable masks seems inevitable. Together with the countless single-used plastics from supermarket packaging, the world is no doubt pushing the global plastic crisis to the next alarming level. Do we really have a choice of not polluting the planet?

“Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want,” a famous quote by a sustainable food advocate Anna Lappé, reminds us that our actions do impact and shape our city. Do you fancy a world with plenty of plastic-free alternatives? No clue on how to start a plastic-free life? Read on!

Every single action counts

Do not underestimate the action from every individual, as a billion acts of green could change the world! As we push forward the need for plastic-free alternatives in every single purchase, or even every bit of our lives, we are gradually developing a world of plastic-free. Greenpeace in Hong Kong, together with celebrity Bonde Sham, KOL ‘Mountain girls HK’ and a group of like minders, initiated a new social media campaign of #TuesPlasticFree. We are taking up a new plastic-free challenge every Tuesday from June 23th onwards. Please stay tuned to our official channels and be ready to take on the challenges!

How to join:
Upload pictures to Facebook or Instagram on how you bring your own reusable container for takeaway, document how many single-used plastic items you have saved for the day. Don’t forget to hashtag #TuesPlasticFree, #ChoosePlasticFree and tag 3 friends to join in the challenge!

Our staff at Greenpeace Hong Kong office also joined the challenge to walk the talk! If you wish to be part of the driving force, please do not hesitate to join #TuesPlasticFree action, demonstrate to the world that it is possible! For a better and greener world, we do want plastic-free choices!

#TuesPlasticFree Challenges

Here’s the #TuesPlasticFree Challenge on June 23rd : save at least 5 single-used plastic items

Tom from Greenpeace took the #TuesPlasticFree challenge, he went out with a big food container and helped 10 colleagues to buy sandwiches for breakfast. He further brought his own cup to buy drinks after work! He saved a whole lot of single-used plastics in the blink of an eye!

#TuesPlasticFree Challenge on June 30th : prepare plastic-free summer drink

Suki from Greenpeace joined #TuesPlasticFree. She used her own water bottle to cold brew Jasmine Tea. She even shared with us her secret tip – use a towel to wrap the bottle up to keep it cool and keep your bag from getting wet!

#TuesPlasticFree Challenge on July 7th:enjoy street food while staying plastic-free

Walker from Greenpeace brought his own container to buy egg tarts. He said, ‘Please don’t seal the bag or container while carrying freshly baked egg tarts! Otherwise the tarts will not be crispy!’ 

#TuesPlasticFree Challenge on July 14th: BYOB to buy fruits

Soda from Greenpeace took the #TuesPlasticFree challenge successfully! She observed a phenomenon in supermarkets, ‘For a single type of apple, I can find them wrapped in cling film, fruit net, or just loosely sold. It is best to be all plastic-free!’

#TuesPlasticFree Challenge Aug 4th: debunk the fake plastic-free products!

Cecilia from Greenpeace shared her thoughts on some of the controversial “plastic-free” products, such as biodegradable items. These “plastic-free” items are neither recyclable nor naturally degradable. Therefore, it is not doing any good to the environment. Why not simply bring our own reusable utensils and make it a habit?