It has recently come to our attention that there is fraudulent scamming activity on external social media through accounts impersonating “Greenpeace Hong Kong” or “Greenpeace Asia”.

The incident involves a scam targeting individuals in the Middle East and North Africa region, asking individuals to join a “telegram group” for job opportunities, engage in specific social media posting activities in exchange for future payment, or download an application through a provided link, or support the organization financially in a new venture – the launch of a new office in Egypt.

Here at Greenpeace East Asia (GPEA), we would like to clarify the following:

  • GPEA Hong Kong only operates and as our official Facebook and Instagram accounts, respectively. They are both verified with a blue tick, confirming their authenticity.
  • GPEA Hong Kong is NOT involved in setting up Greenpeace Egypt.
  • GPEA Hong Kong is NOT currently asking our supporters to download applications.
  • GPEA Hong Kong does NOT ask our supporters to share non-Greenpeace links to join our volunteering efforts or team.
  • GPEA Hong Kong does NOT pay our supporters to post anything on their social media.
  • GPEA Hong Kong does NOT have a Staff Telegram group.

If you have encountered any suspicious recruitment offers or activities, please do not respond and report them to relevant platforms and authorities where appropriate.