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  • The effect of Steve Jobs on the lives of impoverished workers in China

    In the week that has passed since Steve Jobs’ passing, much has been said about his legacy. The outpouring has ranged from near religious idolatry, to more sober reminders of some…

    Monica Tan
  • China’s Remaining Forests

    China’s hunger for development has put its forests under incredible stress. Tragically, development has robbed the country of almost all of its great primeval forests, through which elephants once roamed as far as Beijing.

    Greenpeace East Asia
  • The Problems of Deforestation in Asia

    In East Asia, we have already lost much of our natural forestlands, while our demand for paper, agricultural products, timber, and meat is driving the destruction of the world’s last ancient forests in Indonesia, the Amazon, and the Congo.

    Greenpeace East Asia