20 health and environmental organisations wrote to the Executive Director of the European Chemicals Agency, Mr. Geert Dancet, to express concerns regarding conflicts of interest and transparency at the agency.

This page was updated on 14 March to include a second letter from ECHA to Greenpeace dated 10 March.

According to ECHA’s own standards, the chairman and two members of the Risk Assessment Agency appear to breach the agency’s own conflict of interest rules. The organisations also criticise ECHA’s practice of basing assessments on unpublished industry studies.

ECHA’s Risk Assessment Committee is meeting on 8 and 15 March to discuss the health and environmental impacts caused by the use of glyphosate.

NGO letter to ECHA (March 6)

ECHA’s response (March 7)

Letter expressing Greenpeace’s heightened concerns (March 8)

Second ECHA letter (10 March)