Spot our direct dialogue campaigners through the following identifiers:

Upon sign-up, donors will be notified right away by text message and email, followed by a welcome pack by mail. Newsletters, e-digests, annual donation certificates, and other correspondence about Greenpeace campaigns will be sent through email all-year round.


***Note: Greenpeace is not responsible for fundraisers who do not follow in accordance with official Greenpeace procedures. Fundraisers who do not use ID cards bearing the Greenpeace logo, do not use T-shirts or uniforms bearing the Greenpeace logo, do not carry campaign folders or work alone can be identified as fraudulent Greenpeace fundraisers. If you experience this, please DM our Facebook at Greenpeace Malaysia or email us at [email protected]




For additional donor-related enquiries, you can reach us directly at:

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +603 2712 3237
Fax: +603 2276 2025