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The countdown to Clyde River’s day in court is on!

Blog entry by Jesse Firempong | November 9, 2016

In less than a month, the Arctic community of Clyde River makes its biggest stand yet to assert their rights as Inuit—the right to have a say in what type of development is permitted in their territory and the right to protect their...

Together We Are Stronger Than Trump

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | November 9, 2016

I feel pretty devastated right now. Watching the votes roll in for the U.S. election and seeing a candidate that denies climate change and so openly promotes and embodies misogyny, racism, and hate become the next President...

We can literally print solar panels and yet Canada is still talking about pipelines

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | November 8, 2016

That’s about as simple as I can put the paradox I feel everyday living in a country that still hasn’t come to terms with the global crisis we are living in. All around the world we see the threats of the climate crisis –...

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