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Your donation supports an independent environmental organization funded by people, not corporations or governments.

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When you donate to Greenpeace Canada, you support an independent environmental organization funded by people, not corporations or governments.

Our independence means that we are one of the few organizations that can represent the interests of people and the planet against corporate greed. In order to sustain our efforts, speak up for our shared values, and move towards a greener and safer world for all, we urgently need your help.

Greenpeace is funded by people like you. Without our supporters, we don’t exist. Please join Greenpeace as a monthly giver today.

People like you enable Greenpeace to expose environmental wrongdoings. We investigate and document environmental threats. We follow it up with acts that disrupt business as usual and inspire people to use their voice. This gives us the power to lobby key decision-makers to back policies that protect our planet, such as supporting a ban on deep-sea mining, protecting our forests, and preventing massive oil spills.

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Frequently asked questions

Where does Greenpeace get its funding?

To maintain our independence, Greenpeace does not accept money from corporations or governments. Greenpeace relies on donations from individual supporters, and on grants from foundations. Greenpeace does not accept donations that could compromise our independence, objectives or integrity.

For more information on how donations are raised and used, see our latest Impact Report and audited financial statement.

How many financial supporters does Greenpeace have?

There are more than 3 million Greenpeace financial supporters worldwide, close to 55,000 of whom have supported the Canadian office in the last 18 months. There are also millions of people around the world who take action with us every day as volunteers and non-financial supporters.

Why is monthly giving so important to Greenpeace?

Greenpeace isn’t afraid to speak up for what’s best for our planet and stand up to governments and big corporations when their policies or practices harm our environment. We’re committed to exposing threats to the environment in all forms, no matter how powerful the players involved, and seeking solutions through open and informed debate. We’re able to do this – and to be effective – because, unlike other environmental organizations, we’re 100% independent. We don’t accept donations from corporations or governments.

This is why Greenpeace monthly donors are so important. They give us the ability to effectively tackle power and make real change happen.

How do Greenpeace campaigns work?

Greenpeace is the most effective environmental campaigning organization on the planet because we are people-powered, science-based and action-oriented. We’re well known for our peaceful direct action, whether it’s facing down massive oil tankers in kayaks, or unfurling a banner in an unexpected place when the world is watching to bring attention to a critical issue. But there’s a lot more that goes into a campaign.

We use a strategic framework called IDEAL. We use our ability to INVESTIGATE and DOCUMENT environmental threats to EXPOSE wrongdoings. We follow them up with ACTS that disrupt business as usual and inspire people to use their voices. This then gives us the power to LOBBY key decision-makers to make change.

Learn more about the ways we campaign:

> Discover the power of peaceful direct action

> Read about our current campaigns

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All donations are in Canadian currency. See how donations are raised and used on our last Impact report.

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