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Green Energy Act + Nuclear = Greenwash

Blog entry by Shawn Patrick Stensil | February 23, 2009 5 comments

The McGuinty government will unveil its Green Energy Act today.  Word is the act will be a good vehicle for developing green power. While congratulations are in order, the government’s genuine commitment to green energy has yet to be...

Some good news for the BC orcas

Blog entry by Sarah King | February 20, 2009 3 comments

Things seem to be looking up a bit for the southern resident orcas as two new calves were seen on February 6 th off Vancouver Island. The good news comes after reports earlier this year that 7 orcas had gone missing including 2...

Welcome President Obama: Climate Leaders Don't Buy Tar Sands

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | February 19, 2009

President Obama was extended a warm Canadian welcome yesterday morning when Greenpeace activists unveiled two large banners on the Alexandra Bridge in Ottawa that read Welcome President Obama and Climate Leaders Dont Buy Tar Sands. ...

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