The Rena oil spill is an environmental catastrophe. The effects on the local environment, community and economy will be felt for a long time. It has shown how impossible it is to deal with an oil spill and should be clear evidence for the New Zealand Government that its plans to open NZ waters to deep sea oil drilling should be dropped.

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Rena's black tide brings heartbreak on Motiti Island

Blog entry by Mike Smith | October 15, 2011

Yesterday I spent the day at the Rena oil spill ground zero ... Motiti Island. Words cannot adequately describe the how we felt after we circled the wreck in a small plane and saw the extent of the oil leaks ... we flew over smoking...

We were simply not prepared for this

Blog entry by Dom Zapata, Greenpeace New Zealand activist | October 14, 2011

It was only a few days ago, as I was on my stand up paddleboard, paddling around Rabbit Island just off Mount Maunganui, that I marvelled at the increasing numbers of seals that have started to re-populate the area. They were...

Rena oil spill could make deep sea oil drilling an election issue

Blog entry by Nathan Argent | October 13, 2011

Photo: Gemz Photography Environment Minister Nick Smith has declared that the Rena oil spill off the coast of Tauranga has become the worst maritime environmental disaster in New Zealand’s history. Hundreds of tonnes of oil...

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Click here to see what you can do to help, and what Greenpeace is doing.

A public health warning has been issued and people are advised to avoid skin contact with the oil, water and shoreline until further notice. "No shellfish and fin fish should be eaten from waters with visible oil contamination."

To join the BOP Regional Council clean-up operation visit:

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Maritime New Zealand website Tauranga Incident page


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