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  • So John Banks has been found guilty of electoral fraud, of knowingly filing a false electoral return to hide large donations. Yet despite apparently breaking our laws, he will continue to make them, in likelihood remaining in Parliament until it rises in July for the election runup. The response by John Key and the National Government escalates a worrying trend of blatant disregard for democratic integrity. And this don’t care attitude is having a direct impact on our land and oceans, and our right to stand up for them.

    Banks’ career as the sole representative of the Act party has been chequered with accusations of cronyism and corruption, from the ‘teapot tapes’ meeting with Key prior to the 2011 election, to his deciding vote on Skycity deals after receiving large donations from them. Read more >


  • The chicken or the egg? John or George? Could Jurassic Park actually, really happen?! Certain classic debates are enormously divisive.

    Thankfully though we can now put one that has long plagued humanity to bed as we bring you the definitive list of the top '8 Fictional Sea Creatures Who Have Flirted with Disaster'. Here we go...

    8. Willy

    Imprisoned for a crime he didn't committ, this orca was the subject of an assassination attempt before he was busted out of sea prison by a small child, all set to a theme tune by Michael Jackson - and it was a smash hit. Things were different in the 90s...